Boutique digital course creation for entrepreneurs, influencers, and subject matter experts.

We know that our clients need to focus on authentically connecting with their people and building real relationships…

Not get bogged down in complicated tech and have their courses interfere with brand deals, sponsorships, and other ongoing partnerships.

That’s why Auros specializes in boutique, done-for-you course creation services with powerful lead generation that doesn’t rely primarily on social media content, while also maximizing predictable, monthly revenue through recurring memberships, in addition to course sales.

of internet users have joined at least one brand community

People will be taking online courses by 2027

Of adults consider themselves life-long learners

Of internet users expect to increase participation in online communities this year

We create digital courses & memberships for people who already have an established audience and are now ready to increase their passive income.

Our clients are entrepreneurs, influencers, public speakers, authors, actors, podcasters, athletes, and subject matter experts.

We help our clients diversify by creating income streams that are not dependent on new content creation and that grow their impact.

What We Offer

We design & create our Clients’ online courses including course curriculum and student resources, hosting platforms, course names, visuals, and video content.

We deep dive into competitor research and market analysis, then build out our Clients’ sales funnels to sell their courses and maximize revenue.

Our Clients are able to be fully hands-off with the ongoing management of their digital products. We provide complete end-to-end management of all tech, customer support, course updates, memberships, and future launches.

We help our clients build & monetize their online communities with paid memberships, stacking predictable, recurring monthly revenue on top of course sales.

We develop and optimize automated sales funnels through a unique method of affiliate partnerships, organic and paid lead generation, and email marketing to sell our Clients’ courses.

We help our clients grow their audiences and maximize their impact with strategic messaging, offer positioning, and provide digital marketing recommendations and implementation plans.

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